Last Day Focus

2020 Vision: Last Day Focus

Sabbath, May 30, 2020 - 3 pm

Join us for our next World Church Affirmation Sabbath when we will have topics:

  • Look for the Waymarks
  • False Seers
  • We would see Jesus


World Church Affirmation Sabbath (WCAS) is a gathering, organized by lay members, to affirm the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a world church and for fellowship, encouragement, and education.


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Dr. Jerome Niswonger, M.D

The Condition of Health in the USA today

People living in the United States are richly blessed. They enjoy a high standard of living, a low unemployment rate and many ...

Lee Roy Holmes

Many a wolf, as he lies in wait or circles the flock in search of the opportune moment, may secretly wish he could slip into a sheepskin and boldly approach ...


The General Conference Annual Fall Council is scheduled for October 10-16.

Even though the specific agenda items are not available to us at this time, there are some important issues ...

Dr. Eiji Minami, M.D.

In our June newsletter we reported a cordial, productive meeting between two World Church Affirmation Sabbath representatives and President Labrador and Vice President Mills of the Upper Columbia Conference.  

Elder Labrador explained that despite his encouragement, ...