Sabbath, February 20, 2021 - 3pm


World Church Affirmation Sabbath (WCAS) is a gathering, organized by lay members, to affirm the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a world church and for fellowship, encouragement, and education.


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Our statement defining our purpose and where we stand.

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The principles we are seeking to encourage, teach, and affirm.

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Randy Bierwagen

On Thursday, March 28 a meeting took place at the Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) office between WCAS Planning Committee members, supporters and the UCC administration. This meeting followed a meeting ...

Holly Joers

Another World Church Affirmation Sabbath event has concluded, with nine events in five states focusing on Christ's imminent return in three topics: “There Shall be Shaking,” “Neither Cold nor Hot (Laodicean message) and “Receiving the ...

Janet Lundeen Neumann

“Of all our income we should make the first appropriation to God.”  C.S. 68

WCAS (World Church Affirmation Sabbath) began and continues as an audible ...

Linda Brehm

World Church Affirmation Sabbath has received feedback that some have difficulties with the following statement in our Statement of Harmony document:
“TO FURTHER DECLARE according to ...

Edwin Nebblett

I believe that one of the reasons we are having trouble with disunity in the church is related to the issue of identity. I propose that our inability to hear oneanother ...

Kent Knight

Principle #10:  World Church Affirmation Sabbath emphasizes the Seventh-day Adventist representative form of church governance.  We are the Church.

WCAS consistently encourages faithful support of our world church by its members and each unit of the world church—local churches, conferences, unions, and the ...