Janet Lundeen Neumann

Vol 3, No.5

In March, World Church Affirmation Sabbath Planning Committee members met twice with Upper Columbia Conference Administrators. The first meeting was small; the second included 25+ WCAS supporters. These were positive, informative meetings about the UCC ban on WCAS. The conference took a positive step, placing the WCAS Ban on the agenda for the April 30 UCC Executive Committee meeting.

The UCC administrators’ April 30 report on these UCC-WCAS meetings was "favorably received," yet the executive committee was not ready to lift the ban, reported Rodney Mills, UCC Vice President. The committee "affirmed the desire for further conversation and still greater unity,” he said.

UCC's ban against WCAS remains, and we will honor it. We will use alternative sites in UCC. UCC-WCAS talks will continue. We are not discouraged. We welcome further communication; we seek unity in fulfilling our shared gospel mission.

As our third year unfolds, we appreciate the ever-increasing support of WCAS participants who join us in upholding God's remnant church and its Biblical beliefs. Our upcoming spring event includes fourteen venues holding events May and June, from coast to coast and in Canada. Please pray that at each event, all involved will faithfully represent God's Word and God’s remnant church.