February 16, 2019 Home WCAS Report

Michael Beldin

Vol 3, No.7

The heavy snow that had fallen over the past weeks was melting, but was still sufficient to hinder many from attending the February WCAS meeting. Even so, close to 50 eager participants found their way to the spacious log home situated on 20 acres in the countryside of Skagit Valley. Yes, a private home, due to the fact we were not able to use one of the local churches. A few people drove more than 150 miles to join us.

We opened the first WCAS meeting in the Washington Conference with prayer and a hymn, followed by an introduction of the WCAS Mission Statement, and our 10 Principles of Action. We then proceeded with the presentations of “Christ is Coming Soon”. The presenters each gave inspirational talks on their particular topics and everyone received a rich blessing from the event. A few people that attended came out of curiosity. During the Q & A they expressed their pleasant surprise and how much they enjoyed the gathering. We closed with prayer, asking the Lord to continue to bless and guide each of us as we look forward to His soon return.

A delicious light supper of three different kinds of homemade soup and bread was served as the wonderful fellowship among everyone continued. It was such an awesome gathering and fellowship. Oh what it will be like to meet together in Heaven with our Lord and Saviour to listen to His words.