Fourteen Sites Hold Sanctuary-themed WorldChurch Affirmation Sabbath

Dr. Eiji Minami, M.D.

Vol 3, No.9

The third quarter World Church Affirmation Sabbath for 2019, “Walking Through the Sanctuary,” took place on September 21 at most of the 14 locations across North America.  Some sites hosted their meetings a week or two before or after. 

Lay speakers presented material based on three chapters from The Great Controversy: “What is the Sanctuary?” gave the history and foundation of Adventist understanding and doctrine on this theme. “In the Holy of Holies” and “The Investigative Judgment” described Jesus' multi-stage sanctuary ministry and its relevance to us today. 

We are grateful that God revealed the sanctuary message to his church in the last days.These topics are particularly pertinent in preparing the remnant people of God for the soon coming of the Lord.  

In Priest River, Idaho the WCAS event was live-streamed, and a half size replica of the sanctuary was displayed during the presentations. This gave precious, lasting visual impressions of the truth revealed to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  

In Clinton, Arkansas early attendees saw a few minutes of the Messiah's Mansion tour video, one presenter used sanctuary felts, and a small-scale sanctuary replica sat below the podium. 

The pillar doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist church were established on the Word of God, with the sanctuary system and its message at the core.  This recent WCAS event served as a very timely study of these fundamental beliefs. It is the truth, unadulterated truth, that binds us in unity as a church.

At many locations the attendees requested that the same messages be repeated at their own churches as some of their fellow members could not attend WCAS.

The recording of the live-streamed program can be viewed on Youtube at this link:

The Word and PowerPoint files of the presentation in Magalia, California on “The investigative Judgment”, which is based on chapter 28 of The Great Controversy, “Facing Life’s Record,” are available here.  (Powerpoint / Word)

For the locations where WCAS is not represented, we invite you to initiate a WCAS local chapter, which can be accomplished rather simply.  Please contact us at: