Jesus 4 Asia Project

Jesus 4 Asia

A former colleague of WCAS-Planning Committee, Kenton Rogers, is serving as a missionary in Cambodia as part of Jesus 4 Asia Project.  


This is what Kenton wrote in our recent email communication.

"The church here in south-east Asia is so small. Cambodia has possibly as many as 3,000 on the books, but that is more than the real attendance. And fewer actually know what Seventh-day Adventists believe. 


So I am currently here in Cambodia. I am here not because I personally like it here. Oregon is my home. But I told God I was willing to go and he said three times "how about Cambodia." Then he provided the money for the tickets. I have no money, but God did not call me for my money. He called me here to pray for these people. In the parable, the one who had a visitor at midnight and had no bread. So he went to his neighbor and asked. The neighbor did arise and give all that was needed. There are no printed Bible studies here for the people and there are very few books in their native languages (less than 15 titles in Khmer). I am praying for and working towards enough literature for the need and a publishing house that is here in South-east Asia.”


Please click the link below to view their mission, and join them in your prayers and support.