A Note from Pastor/Evangelist Steve Wohlberg --

Steve Wohlberg

Vol 3, No.4

For me, this past Thursday was a high point in my Christian life. Along with many others, I too had been praying earnestly that God would bring WCAS and Upper Columbia Conference leaders together in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. What a testimony that would be in this time of increasing division! Today, so often, many church members don’t trust Conference leaders. On the other hand, some Conference leaders have been suspicious of the intentions of WCAS. Elder Labrador, our new Conference President, spoke openly, candidly and from his heart. So did Rodney Mills, his new VP. So did WCAS representatives.


We all prayed together, and talked freely in the midst of a very friendly atmosphere. We especially talked about evangelism. As I observed both groups, it was very clear to me that both share the same vision of supporting the entire organizational structure of the world Seventh-day Adventist Church, including General Conference decisions, and especially of reaching the lost with the Good News of Jesus and the three angels messages. Misunderstandings were cleared up. Appropriate apologies for past mistakes were freely expressed.


I am very happy as I write this, and feel like a major victory for God’s cause has been won. Of course I know that Satan will not rest, and that we must keep our armor on. But, after our meeting on Thursday, I want to express my confidence in God’s leadership in our Upper Columbia Conference, and of my determination to support my administrators. Commenting on the 5th commandment, Ellen White wrote that “it also enjoins respect for ministers and rulers and for all others to whom God has delegated authority.” PP, 308. Years ago, Ellen White had a vision of “what might have been.” See 8T, 105. Last Thursday, we weren’t disappointed, but left rejoicing over what did in fact occur. “The Lord has done great things for us; whereof we are glad.”  Psalm 126:3 — Steve Wohlberg, White Horse Ministries