Ongoing WCAS-UCC Dialogue

Eiji Minami

Vol 3, No.6

"Behold, How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" ~ Psalm 133:1

You may have heard of Upper Columbia Conference's sudden ban on 
WorldChurch Affirmation Sabbath last December. Their official statement was filled with unfounded accusations never discussed with WCAS. We were stunned, yet God gave peace. We moved forward. We held our WCAS meetings in non-church premises. We avoided countering their unfounded accusations publicly. When Texico Conference issued a similar ban, WCAS acted in like manner.

Despite or because of the ban, WCAS has grown across North America. We are encouraged by lay members scattered throughout the North American Division who are standing up for the unity of our 
worldwide church.

WCAS believes that true unity comes only from each member--
laity, pastors and administrators--fully abiding in Christ and Christ abiding in them. Global 
church unity will not be accomplished by enforcing any policy, and certainly not by rebelling against the policies set by the worldwide church.

Mid-term appointees UCC President Minner Labrador and Vice President Rodney Mills met twice with WCAS representatives in March. Many misunderstandings passed on to them have melted away, particularly the notion of WCAS trying to divide the 
churches and local conferences. Our mission is exactly the opposite.

Though the UCC Executive Committee did not lift the ban in April, they agreed for us to continue the dialogue. Two WCAS representatives will meet with Elders Labrador and Mills on June 12 for further discussion. Please pray with us about this meeting.

WCAS is not anxious per se to see the ban lifted. It is more important that all misunderstandings and unfounded accusations be publicly withdrawn, and that we all move forward together, proclaiming the three angels’ message and preparing people for the soon coming of our Lord Jesus.