Time For Reset

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Let me introduce you to TARGET AMERICA. Target America is a slogan and a tool by which we and our churches will reach out unitedly to all of the America’s. HUGE, oh yes, so huge that only by God’s abundant grace will we accomplish this otherwise impossible goal. 

The GOAL, to reach approximately 136 million homes. So yes, we are talking MILLIONS of DOLLARS. I believe God has that much money. In fact, some of it is in your pocket, purse, bank or investments right now. 

The TOOL. We are using a common and successful method, direct mail. By sending a 6 panel flyer known as the GC MAILER we can reach the masses in an affordable way. The GC Mailer is an attractive piece that offers the recipient a FREE copy of the book - Great Controversy (full 1911 version). 

WHY will we do this? Please consider this quote from Ellen White in Letter 281, 1905 (more commonly found in CM 127.1). “The Great Controversy should be very widely circulated. It contains the story of the past, the present, and the future. In its outline of the closing scenes of this earth's history, it bears a powerful testimony in behalf of the truth. I am more anxious to see a wide circulation for this book than for any others I have written; for in The Great Controversy, the last message of warning to the world is given more distinctly than in any of my other books.” Emphasis supplied. With 2020 behind us, I believe it is time for RESET for each of us. 

We just launched TARGET AMERICA Dec 26 in the Stateline SDA Church, Milton Freewater, OR. The Lord our God blessed by touching hearts and the offerings for Target America totaled $7160. A small beginning considering the overall goal but a great beginning considering that our first goal is to fund a mailing of 100,000 GC Mailers to select zip codes at a cost of $40,000 or $0.40 each. So, for only forty cents each we can place a beautiful, color brochure into the hands of people who will then decide whether to request a free copy of the Great Controversy. Additionally, the forty cent cost per home includes cost of the FREE Great Controversy, postage, addressing, processing fees, and all other free materials associated with the program. Cost per home is based on a single order and not on accumulative orders made over time. This is an absolute bargain. 

So what can we expect from a mailing this size (100,000)? Average returns for direct mail or most any other advertising as related to religious matters is in the range of 1-2%. So we could hope for 1000 request for a full version of Great Controversy. We can also expect some request for Bible studies. In other words there will be great opportunities for follow-up by our dedicated church members. Remember, fulfillment of request for the books are already covered within the cost of each mailing. The next price break is at 500,000 at $0.38/ piece totaling $190,000. 

What can you do? Your place is to take this very important matter to your church and ask the church to join in the project. Each church will provide for a line item - TARGET AMERICA - under the “Local Church” category on the Tithe/Offering envelope. For online giving the church

treasurer can set up such a line item as well. Each church will hold funds until we will have collectively reached a total of $40,000, at which time we will forward those monies to facilitate the mailing. This brings a need for communication among the involved churches so a dedicated member must be found to especially serve as facilitator for this purpose.  

By now you are no doubt asking, who does all this and how do we accomplish this HUGE task. A bit about myself, some two years ago I launched a basic online training course for Colporteur’s* Just a couple of months ago I felt strongly impressed that I needed to shift emphasis to distribution of the Great Controversy. I immediately began reaching out to those who might help put such an idea together, the project I have been sharing with you. In just a short time a friend put me in touch with a ministry that has been in service for 47 years doing what I was wanting to do.  

So after several hours perusing their web site I called and had a long phone conversation with the key person. I am happy to introduce to you Project Steps to Christ. Steve Peden is the project director. Their emphasis through the years has been the distribution of the book Steps to Christ but they do mass mailings for an abridged version of Great Controversy called - The Edge of Time AND, they now they do the GC MAILER** which is the item of choice for our project. They have already mailed over 1 Million GC Mailers. So, Project STC will serve us through their various sources to facilitate the mailing, and fulfillment of orders for the Great Controversy book orders that will come in. 

So the RESET, it is time for God’s people to AROUSE. Consider these quotes -  

“We as a people have not accomplished the work which God has committed to us. We are not ready for the issue to which the enforcement of the Sunday law will bring us. It is our duty, as we see the signs of approaching peril, to arouse to action.” T5, 713. And this - “Wherever we see work waiting to be done, we are to take it up and do it, constantly looking unto Jesus.... If every member were a living missionary, the gospel would speedily be proclaimed I all countries,...” T9, 32 These are only a few. Please pick up your copy of Christian Service and read the entire chapter titled “Arousement,” starts on page 77. 

We are preparing a page on our web site especially for churches to help facilitate this unified effort to distribute Great Controversy. 

Our site is https://books2doors.com/ take some time to browse and be sure to see the links below as well. 

* https://books2doors.com/colporteur-learning-center/ 

** https://www.projectstc.org/The-GC-Mailer- Mailer size while folded - 10.5" long, 5.5" wide 

Subscribe to keep up to date - https://books2doors.com/target-america-news/ - There is a $1.00 fee to subscribe but even that $1 goes to the GC Mailer project. Thank you. 

Carl Sullivan