WCAS Banned from UCC Churches

Janet Lundeen Neumann

Vol 3, No. 1

On December 4, 2018, Upper Columbia Conference of NPUC voted an official document mandating World Church Affirmation Sabbath events be banned from all UCC churches,  schools – all church owned properties.  This statement was more of a disappointment than a shock to WCAS committee members as UCC leaders have persisted with their misperceptions of WCAS since its formation in January of 2017.  

The goals of WCAS simply point toward support of the world church of Seventh-day Adventists in harmony with the Scriptures and the Spirit of Prophecy, and a sharing of the three angels messages as Christ instructed. WCAS is not political.  (see mission statement at affirmationsabbath.com)

Within the morphing “politically correct” climate of the church today, it seems members in support of the world church may now be labeled as a “political action group.” (John Freedman, NPUC President, NPUC Gleaner, Jan/Feb, 2019)  The accusations against WCAS -- of being divisive, political and twenty-some other statements -- are yet to be understood.   Example:  What is an “Anonymous P.O. Box?”  We don’t know.

Having church doors barred to faithful members upholding the world church is an unprecedented action.  Yet since the ban, three more churches (one in Arizona, one in Canada and another in UCC) have eagerly requested to participate in our next event.

To remain respectfully in compliance with the UCC ban, the simultaneous WCAS events planned within UCC for February 16, 2018 will be held in alternative venues.  Check our website, affirmationsabbath.com, for  the alternative venues and all other event locations in eight states and Canada.

We have sent a request to the UCC President and Executive Committee asking them to schedule a meeting with us, to resolve these misconceptions.  We now await their response.


“He, who despises the authority of the church,
despises the authority of Christ Himself

Ellen White
Desire of Ages, p. 806