WCAS-UCC Dialogue Follow-up

Dr. Eiji Minami, M.D.

Vol 3, No.8

In our June newsletter we reported a cordial, productive meeting between two World Church Affirmation Sabbath representatives and President Labrador and Vice President Mills of the Upper Columbia Conference.  

Elder Labrador explained that despite his encouragement, the UCC Executive Committee declined to lift the WCAS ban at its April 30 meeting; instead, the committee recommended ongoing WCAS-UCC dialogue.

WCAS mentioned that much of the EC misunderstanding about WCAS may be based on the meaning of “General Conference”.  To the EC, the “General Conference” stands for a few officials in the General Conference headquarters in Washington, DC, whereas to WCAS “General Conference” represents the entire World Church.  To eliminate this misconception, we have revised the first portion of the WCAS Mission Statement, and appended the reference to go with it, so there is no confusion whatsoever as to what we mean by the “General Conference.”

Both the President and the Vice President expressed their support for the revised Mission Statement.

The President reported that he had told the Executive Committee that his door is always open to members in support of WCAS.  He further indicated that the UCC is fully committed to be compliant with the policies set forth by the World Church, and so is the NPUC to which the UCC belongs.  

In order for WCAS to be an effective voice to awaken and encourage the members for revival and reformation in preparation for the pouring of the Holy Spirit that will finish the work, we need to work inside our church.  We appreciate the efforts by President Labrador and Vice President Mills to re-establish a working relationship between WCAS and the UCC.